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A Creative Thinker In Every Child

About Us

Our Vision:

A Creative Thinker in Every Child

Our Mission:

Providing a quality preschool education where every child's uniqueness is nurtured so that he or she will become a motivated learner and a confident communicator.

Our Core Values:

We Care About Others.

We Are Confident Communicators.

We Are Creative Lifelong Learners. 

Our Philosophy:

We believe that children are curious from infancy and learn best through active exploration in an environment which is rich in materials and opportunities to converse, socialise, work, play, and negotiate with others.

 Creative Thinkers educators are professional practitioners who are passionate about teaching with care, love and understanding of children. 

We work in partnership with parents and other stakeholders to provide an environment, curriculum and approach that reflect our focus on the individual child.

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